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Earnings Disclaimer

This website offers some product suggestions, reviews, ratings, testimonials and other valuable information and while all the information we offer we feel is relevant, valuable and we hope helpful to the website visitor, this website is considered by recent laws to be an advertisement.

This website is also considered an affiliate site and does accept and receive some; commissions, fees and reimbursements for purchases made through this website to compensate for our time, hosting and other costs and administrative tasks.

While we do receive compensation for any sales, leads or traffic we generate to our affiliated sites, we do not and can not control the fulfilment and/or issue refunds for the product that you order. You should verify all information from the product supplier/manufacturer is correct and that you are happy to purchase from them and you understand that any contractual obligations are between you and them and not between you and DECAFY Ltd.

We also do our best to represent the most current pricing, models and features, but due to frequent product updates, we can not possibly keep up with all the most recent data. For that reason, you should always check with online suppliers/manufacturers for recent pricing and other model information. We are not responsible for any errors.